Quantum Physics & Life After Death - The Curious Fortean

Where does the soul reside? Is it the seat of consciousness, our brains, or somewhere else? Roger Penrose believes he's found the microtubules responsible for creating "you,"--or at the very least Matt Cook? But does this materialist theory hold water? Ardent anomalists may remember Greg Taylor's spin on atomic states giving rise to consciousness as we know it, from a few weeks ago. Might these maverick theories be clues to assist Physicists In Their Search For A Mysterious 'Ghost Particle'? In Mike McRae's case, he's talking about sterile neutrinos that have eluded even CERN over the years. Rather than using a trillion dollar particle accelerator to find ghosts, why not a pub crawl in hopes of stumbling into ghosts? Just the other day Matt Cook learned of the phantoms haunting Blidworth's Bird In Hand pub brimming with spooky tales from sober-minded visitors. (CS)

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