Quantum Entangled Escargot: Sympathy For The Snail Telegraph - EsoterX

Mainstream science is enamored with Schrödinger's Cat, but only EsoterX remembers Benoit's Snail after one of his famous benders. Outlined here are the curious experiment's methodologies and outcomes of Sheldrakian proportions. Is modern science recapitulating 19th century occultism, or should contemporary STEM majors bone up on the galvano-terrestrial-magnetic-animal and Adamic forces? Joining the fray of Throwback Saturday is Greg Taylor waxing nostalgic on The Backmasking Panic Of The 1980s. You don't have to be an Eighties Kid to remember "Satan Oscillate My Metallic Sonatas", but Greg will get you up to speed with a few choice clips and insights regarding the music notorious for making Tipper Gore reach for the Ativan. Outdoing these whippersnappers, Chris Woodyard introduces everyone to the concept of fenestra mori with her Stiffs At The Cliff. (CS)

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