Posthumous Sightings of Passenger Pigeons? - ShuterNature

Karl Shuker revisits the story of how the insatiable human desire to kill, managed to wipe out an entire species of US birds in a few years. Though alleged sightings of the persecuted Passenger Pigeon have been occurring since, none have been confirmed, though there may in the future be attempts to recreate the birds via genetic techniques. Here's hoping. Down-under, where more than a few species have suffered extinction at the hand of man, Christian Kropp has seen two Tasmanian tigers in the Barrington Tops National Park. The latest sighting was only five years ago in this "ancient landscape," so there is the tantalizing possibility that these Thylacines have survived, against the odds. And moving "Up-Over," in Scotland, Nessie's legend has something of a rival as detailed by Glasgow Boy who writes of Early Reports about Morag the Monster of Loch Morar. This mermaid-like creature has existed in Scottish folklore for generations, though for some she was not a mythical creature, but the real deal. (LP)

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