Parapsychology Study Seeks People Who Are Totally Not Psychic - Daily Grail

Attention all readers who would like to contribute to parapsychological research but who despair at their complete lack of paranormal abilities: Have we got a study for you! Get yourself over to the IONS website and take part in the Genetics of Psychic Ability study. Only those with absolutely zero Woo going on can participate. But take heart: just because you can't tell the future today doesn't mean you won't be able to forever: Woman Claims She Died And Woke Up With Psychic Abilities. Or she may have just woke up one day with the desire to manipulate weak minded young men. Not that we're judging--we weren't there 15 years ago when she died. And we suspect she wasn't there either. Hey Kaden, there's an IONS study you might want to take part in... (CM)

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