Our Grip On Reality... - Conscious Entities

Are we living in a simulation? No, argues Peter Hankins, as he tackles the philosophical underpinnings of reality. In fact it all comes back to the challenge presented by consciousness, along with the necessity for consistency with an absence of evidence. Far less scholarly is Ryan Mandelbaum's screed, "Think We're Living In A Computer Simulation? Prove It". This guy doesn't know, doesn't want to consider it, and like stereotypical millennials he'd rather have other people do the work while he uses words like "badass" and "mind-blown" on le reddit for upvotes. Should we exist in a simulation, it's being run on a computer with a "hard drive" to use understandable terminology. With that in mind, Zura Kakushadze's paper "Does The Computer Have A Hard Drive?" where the programs are written in the laws of physics. Maybe, if this is a simulation, there could be a way out via a glitch in the matrix. For your approval Hugh Stephenson presents a meditation upon The Long Arm Of Coincidence, where the words of the prophets are written within crosswords. (CS)

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