Open Letter to Paranormalists: Limits of Science, Trust And Responsibility - Tom Butler's Etheric Studies

We found this a somewhat odd, yet entirely informative, piece of writing. Much of it is devoted to explaining the cast that we as forteans run into when conducting our own research into the paranormal. We are warned against putting too much trust in science, but also cautioned to choose our allies wisely. A bit paranoia-inducing, but most assuredly informative for those finding the waters of paranormal research confusing to navigate. Just remember to Forget Nasty, Noisy Negativists: Here Is The Best Way To Dismiss Debunkers. Make it clear to them that while science may be 99.99% certain about something, that .01% left over means that nothing, NOTHING can ever be conclusively disproven. That should be a more effective burn than mean tweets at 5 am or doctored photos on Instagram. (CM)

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