New UFO Analysis Says Sightings At - Mysterious Universe

Three UFO-related offerings from Mysterious Universe highlight today's reviews. Micah Hanks considers whether UFO sightings are more numerous now than ever before. It firstly becomes important to distinguish between UFO sightings, and sightings that get reported. The former we can't be sure of; the latter we can assess. There are many variables that surely affect reporting, the exponential popularity of the World Wide Web being the most obvious. Hanks cites figures from several different studies, which indicate major differences between U.S. reports and those made of sightings elsewhere. Hanks' article also has links to other solid sources of information and thought. Jason Offutt tells us about UFOs, NASA, and Shiny New Planets. Offutt covers the same report by statistician Sam Monfort that was the stimulus behind Hanks' post, but in a rather lighter way. MJ Banias then returns to a favorite subject of his with ET Disclosure, NASA, and Jumping to Conclusions. This post begins with the Trappist-1 planetary system discovery announcement that had figured in Offutt's piece, then quickly moves to a frank disquisition on the weaknesses of the Disclosure Movement. In this piece Banias reverts to a strongly negative posture which he had rather softened the last time we read him. (WM)

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