Mystery Noises Heard in Sewers below Derby, England - Mysterious Universe

Brett Tingley tells us that "urban sewer legends" have, naturally, arisen since the arrival of sewers and the good folk of Derby are perplexed by the origin of "unexplained knocking noises" from beneath manhole covers. Fearing someone was trapped, firefighters investigated, but neither people nor answers have yet been found. A century earlier on the Emerald Isle, strange noises were thought to be the work of Some Irish Elementals, as detailed by Chris Woodyard. Next, Nick Redfern turns his attention to similar matters in this piece about Encountering "Fenris, the Wolf-horror" in which he tells of a woman who claimed to be able to conjure-up scary elemental beasts at will. Meanwhile, Glasgow Boy comes to the defense of Poor Old Alex Campbell (Part I), whose fame originated in 1933 when he wrote "the first story of the modern era" about the most famous beast of them all, Nessie. Campbell's cred's were given quite a bashing by an unknown letter-writer, and GB's piece provokes some lively discussion in the comments section. (LP)

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