Mysterious Deaths in Manchester: Who Was the Hanging 'Pylon Man?' - Mysterious Universe

Brent Swancer ponders the unexplained deaths of the "Pylon Man," found suspended from one such structure a few years ago, and of David Lytton, who died not far away on the lonely moors from ingestion of rat poison. Brent also takes a look across The Pond at the strange death of Todd Sees, who was found hanging in a "thickly overgrown area." All three deaths remain unsolved. Meanwhile Nick Redfern takes a look at Witchcraft & Murder: a 1945 Killing and the still unsolved case from England's West Midlands in which a man was found dead with a pitchfork through his chest. Much less gruesome are Specters of the Emerald Isle: The Lively Ghosts of Ireland and the sometimes charming tales of their escapades. (LP)

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