My 1997 Weekend with a Rockefeller - Our Strange Planet

Paracast co-host Chris O'Brien used the occasion of David Rockefeller's passing to insert an earlier piece about two 1997 conversations he had had with David's older brother Laurance. This is an excerpt from Chris' Secrets of Mysterious Valley, and is a fascinating look into some of the interests of a truly remarkable and accomplished individual (see Laurance Rockefeller for a quick bio of the man). By request of a highly-placed neighbor, and then by Mr. Rockefeller himself, O'Brien spent a good part of two days covering Laurance's many anomalistic interests, theories, and research. Leaving all that aside, this article provides a valuable insight into the mental acuity of the then-87-year-old billionaire. Complete with scary surprise but a basically happy ending. (If you see cut-off text, narrow your browser window.) (WM)

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