Mermaid Blamed for Deaths in Zimbabwe - Mysterious Universe

Paul Seaburn reports on the recent mysterious deaths of two boys in Zimbabwe who were apparently drowned by a mermaid. (You read that correctly.) The sole witness insisted a mermaid had grabbed the boys and dragged them into the water, only to expel them back onto the shore moments later. Subsequently the watery assailant dragged the boys back into the water and drowned them. If this doesn't sound like a contrived tale to cover up a murder, Seaburn also points out the the village from time to time placates the water spirits with ceremonial barbecues and beer making parties. Please feel free to join us in a group WTH? while we cross our fingers that reports of the youths' deaths were as fabricated as the mermaid sighting. Next up, we have a Voodoo Doll Blamed For Mass Possession in Nicaragua. In what seems to be case of genuine illness or exposure to toxins, groups of villagers have been falling ill with “grisi siknis� (crazy sickness), exhibiting symptoms of dizziness, nausea, convulsions, and hallucinations. While a recently discovered voodoo doll is being blamed for the outbreak, we're more inclined to suggest the Minister of Health in Nicaragua take some soil samples and maybe some cheek swabs. What's going on there has nothing to do with the other side. Neither does this example of strangeness: Burning Tree Fuels Flames of Demonic Belief. In what seems to be an example from science class, a tree in a St. Louis cemetery was hit by lightning and, due to weather conditions, proceeded to burn up from the inside out. However, ignorance always finds a way and once images of the tree hit social media the ill-informed began spreading word that a gateway to hell was open, as well as some other colorful theories. Sometimes even we find ourselves speechless in the face of madness...(CM)

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