Meet the Boy Who Believes He Was Lou Gehrig in a Past Life (His Mom Is Convinced, Too) - People

Are we alone in wondering if the afterlife has become really crowded as of late? How else to explain the proliferation of souls being returned as children who remember their previous lives? True, it could be something in the water--God knows, we're doing a fine job of poisoning the planet. But maybe, just maybe, these kids are more grounded in reality than we think. Our latest claimant is Christian Haupt, a young up-and-coming baseball player who insists he has memories of his previous life as Lou Gehrig. His mom has sought outside assistance to verify details, information Christian could not possibly have known, and so far it's coming back as accurate. Think of that what you will, but faced with the decision of how to arrive back in this world, we think he made a good choice. Not everyone is so lucky apparently, as Granddad Became a Seal. Dr. Beachcombing delves into the folklore of the Isles to find this twist on the belief in Purgatory. Not only is it the In-Between where sinners pay for their misdeeds, it's lived out in the body of an aquatic mammal. Somehow, we just don't know how to feel about that. (CM)

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