Maybe it's Time We Go Ahead and Name Jimmy Kimmel 'Ufologist of the Year' - Mysterious Universe

Micah Hanks pairs the recent granting of The 2017 UFO Researcher of the Year Award to rock guitarist Tom DeLonge with the latest interview TV talk-show host Jimmy Kimmel did with a former U.S. President. The first result is an interesting perspective on DeLonge's alien odyssey highlighted by Hanks' suggestion that DeLonge is an unwitting Disinformant. The second outcome is a short discussion of Jimmy Kimmel's efforts to get former US Presidents to unburden themselves of what they know about UFOs. Rather surprisingly initially, Hanks suggests "maybe it's time someone recognized Kimmel for his work and interest in UFOs, too," but Hanks' point is that comedian Kimmel has gone further and been more persistent than anybody else in his direct attempts to wrest some sort of Disclosure out of the Presidency. (WM)

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