Man Arrested At White House Gate Claimed Trump Telepathy Link - US News and World Report

Pity poor Sean Keoughan, as he's taking a trip to the blueberry farm after claiming he had a bomb/asteroid in his trunk. Ian Simpson has all the lurid details. Had Sean applied his wild talents to skin reading instead, he could be chatting up Robert McLuhan on the finer points of utilizing his Inner Light for good, rather than evil. Maybe Sean's potential 10 year, federally-funded vacation is a cover for his recruitment into one of the CIA/NSA/FBI/LOL's black projects. It's been done before with The CIA's Secret Plan To Crush Russia During the Cold War: Super Psychic Powers. For those of you playing along at home, these documents have been available for twenty years but now that they're accessible online mainstream media's going bonkers over one of the more curious chapters of national intelligence. For the uninitiated, Michael Peck goes above and beyond the call of duty to get you up to speed with your friendly neighborhood fortean. (CS)

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