Let's Take Jose Caravaca's "Distortion Theory" One Step Further... - UFO Conjecture(s)

Rich Reynolds extends his recent treatment of Spanish journalist Jose Antonio Caravaca's "Distortion Theory" beyond UFOs, suggesting that its posited "'external agent' (or 'agents') could be the prod or catalyst for all the creative enterprises of mankind." It (or they) could also be the source of schizophrenia, thinks Rich. Maybe Caravaca's external agent is what causes the Visions of the Peasantry. Reynolds suggests it's mostly people from lower economic classes who report the famous visions of Mary, the mother of Jesus, and UFO reports, particularly ones with humanoid encounters. Rich throws out some thoughts as to why this could be so, and sees a potential tie-in with Jose Caravaca's theory. Caravaca himself responds to this line of thinking in a Comment. We wonder whether Rich's lower economic class (and education) theory holds in the case of the Report of UFO over Nuclear Plant in Nebraska Found in Recently Declassified Documents. Alejandro Rojas says that John Greenewald has just posted to his website The Black Vault 43 pages of Nuclear Regulatory Commission documents obtained by Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. The headline report is an interesting two-night affair with multiple witnesses on both occasions. (WM)

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