Is There a Paranormal Reality (and are UFOs Part of It)? - UFO Conjecture(s)

Rich Reynolds asks whether "UFOs" truly exist outside of the minds of their beholders, and states his opinion that paranormal "things" such as ghosts, Bigfoot, etc. are "neurologically or psychologically induced, 'real' to the percipient but not real in the debatable sense of reality as we know it or think we know it." There is much to consider in those words, and Commenters have at it. Also in the text Rich ticks off some of the different explanations that have been conjured up to explain UFOs aside from the "nuts and bolts" theory. This illustrates that the subject, or subjects, is multifarious and, given the paucity of truly scientific resources dedicated over the years to study it, unsurprisingly so ill-understood. And a lot of "trash" has accumulated over the years courtesy of sensational UFO magazines, but in The Devil is in the UFO Details Rich notes that reputable writers did contribute to some of these publications. He instances two articles by Kevin Randle as evidence and uses them to support two of his own long-held views about the lower economic class and UFO reporting, and that UFO storytellers seem to be repeating information they came across in prior, well-publicized accounts. Yet, Rich notes in one of the articles a very small detail that, while common to a very famous case and an almost-unknown "kidnapping" account 16 years later, seems to defy credulity in being "borrowed" as part of a conscious hoax. Rich enunciates another of his core views in Civilization(s): Unique to Earth. Rich champions the "Rare Earth" theme here, ending with a definitive statement about the nature of UFOs, which should have elicited more comments from his readers, whether of assent or dissent. Maybe this supports his contention that there is No Renascence in Ufology. "Ufology is fraught with mothballs and is moribund," Rich claims, and "No one really cares." The lack of Comments to this lament isn't very comforting. (WM)

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