Hunt for Tasmanian Tiger Moves to Cape York After Sightings - Mysterious Universe

Sightings of the once-thought-extinct Tasmanian Tiger continue to be reported, encouraging researchers to move their hunt to Cape York Peninsula located in Far North Queensland, Australia, where the newest sightings have taken place. There will be the strictest of privacy enforced though, to both protect the animals and their habitat, as well as maintain the integrity of the expedition. No hunts scheduled for this next creature: The Mysterious Giant Worms of Japan have been reported throughout history, and we're not talking about the nightcrawlers your fisherman dad used to make you help catch the night before a fishing trip. These worms are moderately terrifying. Considering Japan's history with Godzilla and Rodan, we can't say these giant wigglers are much of a surprise. If you're serious about finding beasts that will turn your hair white, may we suggest Exploring American Monsters: West Virginia. Mothman, Sheepsquatch, two-headed giant turtles...And you thought West Virginia was only for golfers. (CM)

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