Here's The Incredible Reason Why We Always Imagine Aliens As Being Tiny Green Creatures - Stock News USA

The reason Adina Camarasu alludes to is one of the most famous pieces of folklore from the previous millennium, begging the question "What inspired the Green Children of Woolpit"? The answer eludes us, but Dr. Horace Drew may crack this secret. He's the Scientist Who Decoded Crop Circles And Found Alien Messages. Will he be the one writing our world's version of The Universal Language: Deciphering Heptapod B? For those of you familiar with cereology most of Dr. Drew's pronouncements echo Burke, Levengood, and Talbott's own findings, but Paul Seaburn finds a little extra the powers-that-be don't want you to know about. The only people we can trust on matters like these are actual abductees and contactees. If you're among the elect, and live in the UK, there's a Chance For People Across Cornwall To Take Part In A Real Life X-Files Study according to W.B. Caroline. (CS)

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