Haunted Pubs: The Red Lion At Avebury - The Curious Fortean Blog

If drinking at a pub built within a stone circle is on your bucket list, have we got a vacation destination for you! The Red Lion is purportedly the only pub ever built within a stone circle, which makes you wonder about the neighborhood at the time the pub was built. But if a discomfiting haunted ambience is what you're looking for--as opposed to the sort of experience that takes years off your life--then get thee to Avebury. If you prefer your frights to have a more pre-civil-war-era taste to them, you'll want to learn more about the McRaven Mansion Investigation. Located in Vicksberg, Mississippi, the manse is known as the state's most haunted house. The Society of the Supernatural had a chance to spend some time there recently, reporting back on what they called "crazy activity," including a peeping ghost (which is somehow way more creepy than just a regular ghost). (CM)

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