Haunted Location Slams Vandal Ghost Hunters - Hayley Is A Ghost

Where is an active poltergeist with a grudge to settle when you need one? Volunteers at the Drakelow Tunnels in the UK could have used some assistance in dealing with a group that had the gall to call themselves ghost hunters recently. Channeling their inner spoiled teenagers instead of spirits from beyond the veil, this group of slobs left behind burn marks in ancient wooden beams, clogged the plumbing, and generally treated the landmark like a frat house. We wonder how they would have fared here where Savannah’s Old Chatham County Jail is Home to the Spirit of Carl Isaacs, one of the Most Evil Ghosts in Georgia. This location is not for the faint of heart, or other bodily functions. Only the most experienced ghost hunters dare enter and face the malevolent spirit that resides there, only to leave later with an unshakable sense of dread. If the evil spirit residing at the jail ever wants to relocate, there might be a posting for a security guard over at the aforementioned Drakelow Tunnels. (CM)

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