Fairy Wind Rescue Spell - Beachcombing's Bizarre History Blog

We think Beach must be compiling a how-to-survive-anything-paranormal manual. First lesson, how to rescue yourself from a fairy wind, involves waiting for a twisting wind (the fae's preferred mode of travel) to pass. Then, kick up the dirt from the ground into the wind, whilst blessing oneself like one learned in school (if one was raised within a strict Catholic educational system). And then hope for the best. Maybe Beach has some advice for Chris Woodyard of Haunted Ohio on how to best deal with The Telephone Boggart of Cape Town. A switchboard operator, back in the days when phones were new and users required assistance to connect a call, was beset upon by an entity of some sort, demanding to see a gentleman who worked within the building. The local psychical research society determined the spirit too angry to be spoken with and thus was no help at all in shooing the ethereal trouble maker away. Anyone with additional information is invited to contact Chris at Haunted Ohio and share their knowledge. (CM)

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