Dr. Robert Davis and Dr. Maree Batchelor - The Paracast

With Chris O'Brien "on assignment," Gene Steinberg solo hosted Bob Davis, Board of Directors and Research Team member of the Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters (FREE), and psychic healer Maree Batchelor. Davis contends that science needs to come to grips with the kind of data that FREE has been collecting, particularly on the matter of UFO experiences, and also look seriously into such abilities as Dr. Batchelor claims. Dr. Davis went farther than we'd read before in attributing significance to statistics based upon a sample that self-selects by responding to ads placed in various media and is further affected by lumping together individuals reporting various UFO-related experiences from mere sightings up to and including full-fledged abductions. (Dr. Davis abhors that term, but its Latin roots make it more descriptive of the "led or taken away" nature--physically, mentally, or psychically--of the reported experience than is the more generic "experiencer.") Davis freely acknowledged that he could offer only "feelings" and not objective "proof" that the ability of many people to deal with and integrate their anomalous experiences into their lives is more than the triumph of the human spirit, and, since "validation" is impossible scientifically, one should be skeptical of FREE's results. Gene's probing questions included how does Dr. Batchelor know that the entities she consults aren't lying to her, why the "shape shifting" some of her clients report of her during these Skype and in-person sessions has never been photographed, and what precisely is this "vibrational frequency effect" she believes occurs during what otherwise seem like fairly usual hypnotic inductions, but with "third eyes" and benevolent off-world beings occasionally inserted into the monologue. (WM)

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