Does The Tasmanian Tiger Still Exist? Rex Gilroy Believes So - The Newcastle Herald

Like Thylacines? So does researcher Rex Gilroy, which is why he is refusing to reveal the location of his 1972 encounter with what he believes was a Tasmanian Tiger. This article is full of bits that will make any cryptid hunter rub their hands together in anticipation. Kudos on the conservation effort, Mr. Gilroy, we all agree that stupid people with guns don't need to know where this elusive creature hunts. Perhaps they'd like to try their luck snake hunting? Doubtful--The Mysterious Giant Snakes of Japan will probably cause all but the most passionate snake lovers to run for the hills lest they become dinner. So while some are avoiding becoming snake chow, we'd also like to recommend they stay away from any bodies of water. Finally, The Evil Mermaids of Africa will disabuse all of any notion that mermaids are lovely sweet creatures. Reported throughout African history, these watery cryptids don't merely lure men to their deaths--it's more of a trap and drown situation, one that is not accompanied by beautiful song. So you've been warned. Stay home. Lock your doors. Read the Anomalist and stay alive. (CM)

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