Does a Real-Life Werewolf lurk in the Pennsylvania Darkness? - Phantoms & Monsters

Lon Strickler isn't sure, but he writes of several recent encounters in that part of the world which left some witnesses in little doubt. No less spooked were witnesses who had a Horrifying Flying Cryptid Encounter - Northeast South Carolina and Lon wonders if this is linked to "Pterosaur sightings throughout the world." Meanwhile down in Texas we hear of White Masked Beings scaring the bejesus out of residents in the woods. And across The Pond, the beautiful county of Somerset may not boast of cryptids, but can report another big-cat sighting: Mysterious ‘beast’ believed to be roaming Scottish Highlands stripping all the flesh off sheep and eating them. A local couple was in no doubt that they spotted a prowling panther-like creature near Yeovil and it's thought that these cats may be responsible for recent sheep-killings elsewhere. (LP)

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