Coincidence And The Expansion Of Consciousness - Consciousness Unbound

An association between distinct, different events is a coincidence but is there a mind behind it? Maybe there is, but it's not "god" but you according to Michael Grosso. He shares a few examples that may lead to pronoia or spirituality, while illustrating the need for high strangeness like this in our lives. But who can predict when these happen, jostling humanity from the sleep of complacency? Some scientists are hard at work investigating Differential Equations And The Role Of Coincidence. In Ingrid Ladner's terminology, coincidence is a random factor generated by previous phenomena. What's notable here is how Erika Hausenblas is incorporating this fuzziness into computing outcomes. It's almost a natural conclusion as Mike McRae Finds As Clocks Get More Precise, Time Gets More Fuzzy. In short, observing something in greater detail demands more energy. Using more energy dilates time making the measurement less accurate. (CS)

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