Chris O'Brien--Investigator's POV - Radio Misterioso

Those of you who like us appreciate Chris O'Brien as co-host with Gene Steinberg of The Paracast will want to catch Greg Bishop's interview with this UFO and paranormal investigator. Just last Tuesday we profiled a post on his Our Strange Planet site, dealing with his work in Colorado's San Luis Valley. Two days prior, the Radio Misterioso crew uploaded a two hour conversation with Chris, presenting his perspective on the whole field of ufology, and also on the matter of "cattle mutilations." Chris, who has investigated around 200 such cases over many years, has a lot to say about the phenomenon, its possible causes, and the cheap sensationalism and hucksterism in that arena. We may not completely share his qualms about trusting anyone who tries to make a living of sorts out of UFO investigations and presentations, but he is on point with his concerns about that practice. There was also some good dialogue on the matter of subjective versus objective perception of anomalous events, and even some healthy eating tips! (WM)

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