Chasing Footnotes: The Chiles-Whitted Cigar...Again - A Different Perspective

In looking over the dramatic July 1948 Chiles-Whitted near-collision with a cigar-shaped UFO, Kevin Randle notes a major discrepancy in the accounts dealing with possible turbulence from the pass-by. He and his respondents so far are unable to resolve the difference, and it would be useful were additional researchers to weigh in on the question. In any event, the problem is a good example of how even well-known UFO cases may be more complicated than generally understood. There's better news in Project Blue Book and Fold3. Here Kevin notes that's Fold3 website of American military history has been redesigned to allow easier location of desired materials. This is especially welcome to UFO researchers regarding the USAF Blue Book UFO files. (WM)

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