Boriska, A Boy From Mars Says That ALL Humans Live Eternally And “People Like Us Still Live On Mars� - Simple Capaci...

Russia continues to provide ample fuel for the paranormal machine...There is a young man in a Russian town who has demonstrated remarkable abilities since his birth in 1996. As advanced as his physical development and intellectual acuity have been (and continue to be), his most remarkable characteristic is his memory of a life lived on Mars, and knowledge of the ancient race he insists still exists there. We have no way of knowing if the lad is speaking the truth, or if he's one of those gifted people with a delicate mental balance (Read: We don't know if he's a nutter). What we do know is he fascinates the heck out of us, so we'll be keeping our eyes open for more news from Zhirinovsk. Speaking of mental balance, Beach shares his experiences with Shiatsu and Hallucinations, and he does so with the prowess of one who is accustomed to observing mysteries in an objective manner. The good doctor requests that any readers with information that could shed light on his experiences email him at (CM)

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