Bigfoot in the Blues? Oregon Man to Search in Blue Mountains - The News Tribune

The obsession to prove the existence of Sasquatch in a scientifically verifiable way continues to spread, with this article focusing on the plans of lifelong Bigfoot enthusiast Scott Violette. While he admits there is as much likelihood of winning a lottery as there is of succeeding at his quest, he remains steadfast and enthused. We like his attitude. But is Bigfoot: A Skillful Swimmer? Aren't all the other things lurking beneath the surface enough? Alligators, water snakes, Nessie, giardia...and now we have to concern ourselves with soaking wet Sasquatches that don't appreciate having their morning skinny dips interrupted. Makes sense though, since all creatures on the planet bathe eventually. Just count us out for swimming in lakes and rivers from now on. (CM)

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