Benewah County Woman Swears Bigfoot Caused Her to Crash on US95 Near Potlatch - Pullman Radio

Last week a woman driving the roads at night in Benewah County, Washington, was involved in a collision with a deer. Seems normal enough considering the time of year. What's caught the media's attention is her claim that the deer was being pursued by a Sasquatch, thereby causing it to run out into oncoming traffic. This is very much a case of having to take someone's word for it. We weren't there and it was nighttime so no witnesses could observe anything much anyways, and an automobile accident would likely eradicate any footprints or other Bigfooty evidence. The driver of the car had not been drinking, so that's a win regardless. Also in the same category of We'll Take Your Word For It, a Lost Tourist Says Monkeys Saved Him in the Amazon. Maykool Coroseo Acuña was part of a tour group learning about Amazonian shamanism and turned his nose up at participating in a sacred ceremony. He claims the next thing he knew he was running through the forest, disposing of his shoes and cellphone, and becoming thoroughly lost. While some believe the spirits of the Amazon punished his arrogance, it might be worth noting that there are an infinite number of medicinal or hallucinogenic plants in that part of the world...(CM)

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