BEK Family At The Mall - Phantoms and Monsters

We're wary of this story for two reasons. Who in this day and age still goes to the mall? Hello? Amazon, anyone? Also the story's author felt the need to declare "NOT CLICKBAIT" in the original posting. Sharing anyway since we know you love the ripping yarns shared by our pal Lon Strickler. When BEKs aren't banging on your door to come inside and use your phone, they're training to become men (and women) in black. Nick Redfern wants you to know that Men In Black Are A Worldwide Phenomenon, finding inspiration from Brent Swancer's recent meditation upon Men In Black In Japan. While these encounters have their own particular quirks, there's one common thread linking them together. Not every supernatural being is weird, nor menacing. Take Dr. Beachcombing's retelling of An Immortal In Venice. Should you happen upon a 'Signor Gualdi' in your travels, perhaps at the mall, he may share his wisdom with you. (CS)

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