Antarctica’s Secret Nazi Base: Separating the Fact from “Fake News� - Mysterious Universe

This piece by Micah Hanks reads like a how-to manual in sorting fact from fiction in a world beset by fake news. Considering current events and the seductive draw of conspiracy theories, it couldn't be more timely. Particularly when researching instances of high strangeness, we need to be able to separate the truth from the hoaxes, reality from the sensationalized. But here's the problem: Sometimes truth is far more strange than fiction: Experts Predict 7,000 More Siberian Holes Opening Soon. Paul Seaburn tells us that researchers in Northern Siberia have discovered around 7000 methane bubbles just below the surface of the ground that will explode in the not too distant future, creating huge craters that will provide Siberia convenient access to hell itself. Or not. Guess we'll have to wait and see. (CM)

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