An Induced Fantasy or Actual Observation of a Vibrant UFO (Mothership?) - UFO Conjecture(s)

Lately Rich Reynolds has been digging back into old UFO magazines for some of the better reports. Dell's March/April 1967 Flying Saucers/UFO Reports gives him (and us) two posts. See what you make of the first story and both Rich's comments and that of a respondent, who coincidentally directs us to a resource for Topside, the journal of the long-defunct Ottawa (Canada) New Sciences Club. A Few UFO Accounts You May Find Interesting provides a "flying bee hive" that just might have stalled a man's automobile engine, a radar report that probably incited some friction between the Navy and Air Force, and definitely a seriocomic "CEIII." There was lots more in this issue, and we hope Rich follows up on his thoughts about posting more of the accounts. (WM)

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