An Early, Classic Abduction (That Provides a Collective Unconscious Template for UFO Abductions)? - UFO Conjecture(s)

In this post Rich Reynolds asks whether the 7-year detention of the Greek hero Odysseus by the nymph Calypso on the island of Ogygia supports the notion that the abduction theme is a pattern upon which UFO abductions are a modern variant. An interesting conjecture. Rich gets a rise from this audience by claiming that U.S. UFO Buffs are Dumb, UFO Buffs Elsewhere are Smart. Much of the Comments to this piece are off-point and seem rather to illustrate Rich's contention, although if you read towards the end you'll get a good recipe for cheese on toast. Unserious sites pandering to the lowest level of readership are numerous, and many of the more serious and talented ufologists eschew publishing on the Internet largely because it affords such an arena for vitriol and promotes cursory research. Using some articles from the November 1978 UFO Report, Rich's The More Things Change rather echoes a long-ago remark by Allan Hendry, Rich's phrasing being "We are still dealing with the same UFO crap in 2017 that UFO buffs were dealing with in 1978." (WM)

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