Aliens, Antisemitism, and Academia - Jacobin

There are all kinds of people into forteana. Believers and skeptics. Nutjobs and legit scientists pursuing maverick theories. Liberals and conservatives. What they all can agree upon is hate speech is bad, m'kay? American politics are crazy, but they don't need to be dragged into our weird territory. Yet contentious figures like Jason Reza Jorjani, with his brilliant theory of psi, do our field a disservice by pushing unsavory agendas. By no means are Landon Frim and Harrison Fluss scions of "enlightenment", a word they like to repeat, since they're widening a divide and shutting down avenues of dialogue with holier-than-thou rhetoric. Reinforcing divisions is what perpetuates hate speech, locking factions in their echo chambers while turning a human being into the "other". If either side could stop name-calling and issuing POTUS-style soundbites, maybe anomalists and forteans could get down to the real business of investigating strange phenomena together. (CS)

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