A Martian State of Mind - Future Tense

The CIA has declassified documents detailing 1980s research into astral projection--they mean remote viewing--to Mars, back in time about a million years ago. While we have no means by which to verify the findings, it's as fascinating as all get out. Test subjects reported on Mars' geography, surface structures, and very tall beings. No mention of irrigation channels though, which is the subject of A Mistranslated Word Led To Some Of The Best Fake News Of The 20th Century. When Giovanni Schiaparelli, an Italian astronomer, claimed in 1877 to see channels running over the surface of Mars, (later revealed to be an optical illusion), he used the Italian term "canali." Needless to say there were those in the scientific community who ran with that word, Anglicizing it over to "canals" and all the possibilities that might infer. Apparently 19th century scientists had never heard of translators, or Italian to English dictionaries. (CM)

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