A Haunted Library - Haunted Ohio Books

Who but Chris Woodyard would know about haunted libraries, considering her life among all those haunted Ohio books upon her shelves. Her latest dispatch illustrates one librarian's sheer dedication to his job and the curious circumstances of his appearances. We do note there's small reason to be wary, as the decedent's last day was April 1st. It's a shame they tapped Matt Lauer, rather than Chris Woodyard, to address the question, "Does the ghost of a murdered congressman haunt the Capitol?" While few still see William Taulbee's specter, his indelible blood upon the Capitol stairs is plain to all. Just like the spooky shenanigans in Puerto Montt where a pyromaniacal poltergeist's frightening a family, jinxing journalists, and even the Chilean National Police Are Spooked By This Seemingly Haunted House. Fortunately Bretty Tingley's made of sterner stuff, providing the low-down on this curious case. (CS)

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