The Top Cryptozoology Stories of 2016 - CryptoZoo News

Don't let anyone tell you 2016 was all bad news. Granted we did have some--we lost some tremendous pioneers in the field of cryptozoology who will not be easily replaced. But this year also saw a proliferation of crypto festivals and museums, monster documentaries that went mainstream, and Maine saw it's own discovery of a state monster named Wessie. Not only have Thylacine sightings increased, but a new species of wolf has been found. We remind our readers to never let the hoaxers get you down, even though the past year was littered with misinformation. We at the Anomalist pledge to continue to present you news of the weird and wonderful, the mysterious and paradoxical, and to keep you going "hmmm" (and locking the doors at night) throughout 2017. (CM)

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