The Ghost Busters - Frontier Myanmar

It is most likely no surprise to our readers that in some locations of the world, exorcisms are not only good business but dictated by a code of good business practices. Such is the case in Myanmar where the belief in spirit possession is so ingrained there is a sect of exorcists who have devoted their lives to busting ghosts and serving their community - all without the typical harm witnessed in traditional exorcisms. Definitely they're the ones you're gonna call...But who do you call when you're on the receiving end of a really bad omen? Not the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, that's for certain. Recently 200 Red-Winged Blackbirds Fall From The Sky And Die In New Jersey You'd think with 200 specimens to scrutinize there might be someone there who could say what caused this most unsettling event. Not only does the EP department not know what made the birds fall from the sky, they are absolutely certain that none of the agricultural operations in the area used anything remotely dangerous to the birds. Gosh we feel so much better now. (CM)

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