The Albert Rosales "Humanoid Encounters" Series - UFO Conjecture(s)

As we've noted, Rich Reynolds often recommends books and articles useful on a variety of subjects, in this case three more from Albert Rosales' indefatigable, ongoing work to chronicle humanoid encounters reports. Reynolds praises Rosales' heavy lifting in making available the data needed to study "a phenomenological puzzle, worthy of study and investigation." Amen. Along these lines, David Weatherly continues his series of such studies with Russian Humanoid Encounter, his information coming, from, you guessed it, Rosales himself. The report is a fascinating and somewhat poignant narrative. Finally, Kevin Randle provides his own contact variant with Oskar Linke -- Update. Kevin is struggling to justify what J. Allen Hynek said about the Oskar Linke UFO landing story with other versions of its reporting. With the help of commenter Ralf Buelow, Randle does provide a wealth of information about the very interesting sighting itself. (WM)

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