Are You Hallucinating Right Now? - Mother Nature Network

What a silly question, Cory Rosenberg. I can't write The Anomalist without taking a hit of LSD. Straightedge types shouldn't feel so smug, as hallucinations aren't entirely uncommon amongst the sane and teetotalers. Nor is sanity and 'staying clean' mutually exclusive. Cory's article is a great breakdown of the conscious mind, and its necessary tricks to stay in tip-top condition. If you keep at it, perhaps your latent psi talent will come to fruition and you can affect the outcome of 2020's election. In the meantime, drill your psyche with Zener cards and read up on the history of How One Man Used A Deck Of Cards To Make Parapsychology A Science. We're happy Linda Rodriguez McRobbie didn't stop there, laying out the history of the Rhine Research Center. (CS)

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