A Few Reasons Science Is Afraid of Animal Consciousness - New York Magazine

It's easy to blame the necessarily staid scientific method for mainstream science's reticence to acknowledge the inner life of critters, but the issue's more complex according to Drake Baer. Plenty of philosophical questions bubble up amidst the science, much to the chagrin of Neil Tyson, Bill Nye, and Stephen Hawking. Merely asking "What Is Consciousness?" means you've leaving the comfortable Aristotlean realms for the caves of Plato. Rob Ennals reckons technology is getting closer to an answer. Just try to keep a straight face as Rob tacitly invokes panpsychism amidst his treknobabble. We recommend reading up on Cosmic Consciousness And Real Reality. Rich Reynolds can't stop talking about Dr. Bucke's treatise, along with the parallels of Aquinas and alien abductions. (CS)

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