UFO Sighting in Balcarres, Saskatchewan on November 27th 1973 - disc sighting by 30 people

This is quoted from the Balcarres Community History Book. after months of unusual sightings The newly formed EMO search and rescue team along with RCMP from 2 detachments totaling 30 people converged on a reported sighting in a farmers field with snow mobiles and RCMP cruisers. with all vehicle lights off the large disc shaped object would approach and hover when vehicle lights would be turned on it would rapidly turn at extreme angles as if to avoid the lights. with lights off it would return to a position. the next day a tv news crew came out for interviews. the same object was seen earlier over Fort Quappelle by aprox. 150 people. This was also covered by local papers. when I was first told this story was 1979, and had seen a few blurry pictures and then had an opportunity to talk to 3 witnesses. then there is the rest of the story. an old truck that got buzzed by the object its fuse box melted. there was appeared to be a landing ring outside town 6 years later nothing grew in along the out side of the ring for about a foot. there were several focused pictures and signed statements as well as debriefing reports in the RCMP file. several years after the sighting when the file room was to be updated and moved 2 people who knew where the file was kept noticed that it was missing. the entire contents gone. local speculation was that one of the constables present kept getting promoted quickly and that everyone else was getting one bad transfer to another. there were mention of stress related behaviors. rare disorders (in hind sight) and a attempt to have the incident forgotten by what ever means necessary it took a long time to get some of the witnesses to even acknowledge they had seen something. one witness did say the rim of the disc was ringed by lights sometimes flashing sometimes rotating at one point it almost looked like a second ring appeared below the first, but wasn't absoluetly sure. what he was sure about that was that there were objects that appeared like port holes and one of the men thought he saw movement. this was a spike in activity and every few years since, reports of sightings cattle mutilations or crop circles keep being reported in an area within about 70 km from here.