UFO Sighting in San Diego, California on January 1st 2014 - Two dark, low altitude objects, less than two miles away, moving east then separating and accelerating north at a miraculous rate of speed.

1 Stepped outside on my 2nd floor deck for some air. 2 Movement 3 Very large bird. 4 - 6 below. I was on my balcony looking west from Rancho Bernardo California, toward the hills above the neighborhood called Westwood. The back ground hills are hills separating North County East from North County West and the Coast. Something caught my eye as flying toward me below the horizon of the hill. At first glance, and being after dark, I first thought it was an unusually large bird with white tipped wings, but one of the objects changed direction and began to get further away from the other, making it clear that it was not a bird, and getting my full attention. Their distance was about half way across the valley, or 1 to 2 miles and level with my line of sight looking toward the hill. They began to glide north and increased altitude just slightly above the horizon. One object again began moving ahead and bit faster than the other object. With the light of the horizon now behind the crafts, I began to get my depth of field and could see the two objects were moving north at an extremely fast rate of speed. In fact all of their movements were incredible fast but also abnormally smooth and steady. They continued to remain between my location and the hills, so their distance was less than two miles away during most of the siting. Their altitude continued to be much lower than the ceiling would be for any airplanes in the area. Even a helicopter would not fly so low unless it was going to land or drop water on a fire. Although these were clearly not helicopters. I have never seen a UFO before and there was no possibility that these were airplanes or anything of earthly origin. They were not very large, but they were not extremely small like the orbs occasionally described either. They were moving unusually smoothly and at a high rate of speed even as they began to increase altitude, as if there was no resistance or effort at all involved, and the moved far faster than any aircraft we have and making no sound at all. Being so close, there should have been some sound. The movement was much more like gliding, only at an extremely high rate of speed. Just after the forward craft began to distance its self from the craft in the rear, they both accelerated and disappeared in a streak heading north. The light omitted from these craft was steady and constant, white or light gray in color with no blinking or other colorations. The craft themselves were dark. Perhaps black, dark gray or shadowy, and the exact shape was impossible to make out with any certainty, although against the might horizon opposite from the moon, they appeared to be oval in shape. The lights were much dimmer than I would have guessed from descriptions that I have heard of UFO sightings in the past and even in comparison to other aircraft in the area that were much higher and further away. Due to the flight path of planes moving south from Los Angeles, there were several airplanes in the area, although none in the direct path north, south or west of the craft, and again, all were much further away at much higher altitudes. The sighting lasted roughly 20-40 seconds. I doubt very seriously that I was the only one to see these.