UFO Sighting in Fitchburg, Massachusetts on January 24th 2014 - Pulsating UFO while driving home

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I was driving home on route 2 in fitchburg ma from dinner with friends, when flashing lights caught the corner of my eye. I immediately looked at the lights and couldn't believe what i had seen. There was an object 30-40FT above me off to the side of the highway, just above the tree line. It blended in completely with the dark background of the sky besides when the 8-12 pulsating lights underneath it went off. Then you saw this disc like object, only seeing the bottom since the top was still perfectly blending in with the dark sky. The "beams", for lack of a better description, were not traveling to the ground but merely extending 5-10FT. I was traveling at a rate of 65MPH and this object took about 30 seconds to pass me traveling in the opposite direction, so if i had to guess its rate of travel, i would say the object was moving about 20MPH or slower. Even at 30-50FT above me, and rock throwing distance, i couldn't hear anything as far as engine wise. I was literally scared for my life so i sped up. By far the most terrifying experience of my life.

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