UFO Sighting in La Minerve, Quebec on December 25th 2012 - pulsating light primarely white but chaging colours. Looking closer, the light would expand and contract.

At first, I was outside when I noticed this really bright object above the horizon. I was at home in La Minerve (near Mont-Tremblant),in the province of Quebec, looking over the mountains on the other side of the lake facing our house (south east direction). The sky was very clear, I could see the moon and many stars since we are in a rural country. Looking at the light source, I noticed it was pulsating and changing colours very fast. The light was not moving so I was sure it could not be a plane or something similar. I came inside the house and told my spouse who was able to witness the object through our window facing the lake. The phenomena last for at least one hour, and probably longer as it was moving up in the sky very slowly like a star would move due to earth rotation. We thought it could be maybe Jupiter but when we took the binoculars (7 X 35) we saw how the light was transforming, expanding and contracting and changing colours. We don't believe Jupiter would be like this. Our attention was on the bigger source of light but we took several pictures and videos and noticed other smaller lights around the big one. The smaller lights were moving fast, away for the big one. I used the camera with different settings in order to capture the variation of the lights. We were very excited to see something like this. The first pictures were taken without the tripod, and since I was not stable, we captured different colours of the thing on the same picture. With the tripod, no zoom, the light seems white. But with the zoom at 40X, we got all kinds of pictures of different colours! Around 9h pm, I contacted my brother who leaves at about 30 km from our house, in Rivi���re-Rouge, QC. He could see the bright pulsating light too from his place! So it must have been big! We are really curious to find out if you have a logical explanation to this or if this is a real UFO as we think it was. PS: I have selected only a few pictures to share here, but I have over 60 of them, and I have videos but the file sizes are too big!