UFO Sighting in Kissimmee, Florida on December 25th 2012 - UFO Sighting Christmas Eve - Kissimmee, FL

My family and I were outside playing basketball during a Christmas eve gathering. Shortly after, my brother pulled out his smart-phone and opens up the GoogleSky App - to help identify the a certain star/planet that we were looking at after the game.... A few moments later - we all turned and looked towards the southern sky as something had suddenly appeared in the night sky. This was a really bright object, unlike anything I've ever seen before. It was "NOT" a meteor - as it was traveling too slow. It was a bright orange/red orb - maintaining its path of travel. It's shape was not a perfect circle, it looked more like what an orange street light looks like, about same size - up in the horizon. There were no other aircraft in sky and this didn't have any red/green or white navigation lights. I am a student pilot - always interested in airplanes, however, this was NO aircraft. I managed to pull out my cell phone and record it - however, I only got 45 seconds of video as my cell battery died while recording. I would say we saw it close to 3 minutes - then the light COMPLETELY disappeared without a trace. I have seen in my lifetime, many meteors or fireballs - and this was NOT either one of those. This was something "MORE"... I am VERY excited that MANY people have experienced this recently. My hometown of Lowell, MA has also reported recent events. In our video, you sense the excitement - as this truly was amazing for us - I wanted someone to tweet what we were seeing so others could see for themselves.