Michio Kaku - Giant UFO reported by NASA

Michio Kaku (加来 道雄 Kaku Michio?, born January 24, 1947) is an American theoretical physicist, the Henry Semat Professor of Theoretical Physics in the City College of New York of City University of New York, a futurist, and a communicator and popularizer of science. He has written several books about physics and related topics; he has made frequent appearances on radio, television, and film; and he writes extensive online blogs and articles. He has written two New York Times Best Sellers, Physics of the Impossible (2008) and Physics of the Future (2011).
Kaku is most widely known as a popularizer of science.[9] He has written books and appeared on many television programs as well as film. He also hosts a weekly radio program.

Kaku is the author of various popular science books. Hyperspace (1994) Beyond Einstein (with Jennifer Thompson) (1995) Visions: How Science Will Revolutionize the 21st Century[10] (1998) Einstein's Cosmos (2004) Parallel Worlds (2004) Physics of the Impossible (2008) Physics of the Future (2011)

Hyperspace was a best-seller and was voted one of the best science books of the year by both The New York Times[9] and The Washington Post. Parallel Worlds was a finalist for the Samuel Johnson Prize for non-fiction in the UK.[11]

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