Back Engineering ET Craft with Gordon Novel

George Knapp spoke with controversial operative Gordon Novel about his plans to replicate an ET spacecraft-- the so-called Alien Reproduction Vehicle (ARV) that the US government is alleged to have back-engineered from discs that crash landed in 1947. According to Novel, he expropriated the government's ARV data to yield his own pending patent to construct a working Replication ARV Machine (RAM), which makes use of antigravity technology that could also be used to solve the energy crisis.

However, since his book Supreme Cosmic Secret has come out, he said the CIA and 'Majestic 12' have been harassing him, and deterring his progress. Previously, he had the cooperation of the CIA, and worked with Ron Pandolfi, a former CIA analyst, he stated. Novel also discussed his involvement with Jim Garrison's investigation into the JFK assassination, and his subsequent conflict with Garrison.



Novel was hired as chief investigator by former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark, in the aftermath of the Waco Siege of 1993. Ramsey Clark provided legal counsel for some of the surviving members of Branch Davidian, as well as more than a hundred family members of those who had died or were injured in the confrontation. Novel has stated that his analysis of a FLIR tape, made by a Nightstalker aircraft, indicates serious misconduct, e.g. federal agents firing upon people inside the compound while they were trying to flee the fire. Former CIA Director William Colby collaborated with Novel on the investigation of misconduct on the higher levels of command including the FBI. Novel originated allegations that U.S. Federal agents were guilty of murdering David Koresh's followers during the Waco siege.
Celebrity advice

As a private investigator, Novel gave strategic advice to various celebrities, among which were Michael Jackson and Jean-Claude Van Damme.[
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