Signs Of The Times – Earth Changes – The Pole Shift – Remote Viewing 2012 / 2013

Signs Of The Times – Earth Changes – The Pole Shift – Remote Viewing 2012 / 2013:

Analysis and perspective for 2012/02 013 based on Ancient history, myths and remote viewing.
Video 1: Planet Earth is showing Signs of a pending Pole Shift, a global cataclysm brought forth by the re arrival of Nibiru, a planet from ancient Sumerian myths.
World powers know about the pending destruction, but are not announcing it, in order to take advantage of the Common Man’s ignorance…
Video 2: In the following audio, Clif High of Half Past Human discusses remote viewing, the work of Courtney Brown and the Farsight Institute; and how this form of extra-sensory perception runs parallel with the work of the Web Bot Project in the forecasting of future events.
In the examination of Brown’s remote viewing findings, High reveals several disasters, disaster dates and how applicable for late 2012 and early 2013.

“LISTEN, and then, validate, and if you accept, Take Action while there is time!” – Clif High.

Additional information:
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